Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting Ready for Your Summer Bucket List, Be Prepared!

Make sure you are prepared for your summer "bucket list" for hiking and photography in some of California's amazing parks and beaches!

Don't leave home without your personal portable solar charger! It will ensure you have charged batteries for your camera, GPS, hiking music, and can charge while attached to your backpack, on a blanket at the beach or while picnicking at the scenic spot of your choice!
Visit www.Californiapc.com for the right one for you! Free shipping on select solar products and fast, friendly sales to help you with all your needs and questions! 

Here we are using a fold up Solarland panel that folds right up into an aluminum case, quick and super easy set up and storage!
  Summer is just around the corner and it's time to take advantage of all that warm weather and sunshine! We at www.CaliforniaPC.com are making our "bucket lists" for the summer & fall of 2015.
There has already been an off the grid spring trip to Arizona pictured above. The weather was fabulous and we kept our trailer lit up with solar panels and our campfire songs going with charged batteries for our laptop or Mp3 device. And since we used solar powered products to run or charge our devices we were the envy of the campground since we produced no smelly generator fumes or noise! 
Charging smart phone directly from the PowerFilm fold-able solar charger.

  We combined different solar products to get the most out of our experience. We fit the product for the job so we were off the grid but completely comfortable and in touch if necessary. You can run lights, charge camera batteries,  GPS, iPod, Kindle, iPad, laptops, headlamps, lamps for trailer, outdoor lights, electric coffee pot, electric cooler and so much more.
Here we are using a PowerFilm F16-3600 to charge a Sherpa 50 to use to plug our laptop or lights into later for power. 

Here I am using a PowerFilm fold-able and a Sherpa 50 during a power outage to still use my laptop and work.
  If you noticed in the above caption I was able to use my solar charger setup during a power outage to continue to work on my laptop. It was great to be the only one on the block with power to work and have some music, and if your smart phone has a hotspot like mine, then you can activate it and still have internet access on your laptop or your android device. 

  Although we talk about portable solar power for camping, hiking, travel adventure and remote cabins or camps, it is not only for that, this is a fantastic set up to have if you live in an area that has summer storms and you often lose power. I use mine at least once a week even for just working in the yard and wanting to have music without having to plug into power that I have to pay for. 

We would love to hear from you and find out what you would use your portable solar power for, or what you are already using it for! Be creative and take advantage of the power of the sun! 
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Solarland soaking up the rays and the solar energy for our trailer!

Attach your P3Solar panels to your tent for all day charging of your devices!

Solar charging the iPhone with PowerFilm while riding is the best way to ensure a fully charged battery!

I am using my PowerFilm fold-able solar charger at the beach to listen to some Beach Boys!



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