Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dynamo Solar Power!

There are a lot of Solar Products Companies out there and we like to think we carry a few of the very best on the market. We take turns talking about PowerFilm Solar, SolarLand, Wagan, and the newly re-marketed Global Solar now P3Solar.

Today I want to target P3Solar’s newest addition to the portable solar world, the Dynamo Plus & the Dynamo AC 600. The choice of the hard and soft cases depending for the Dynamo AC 600 is great, whether professionally out in the field for remote power at job sites or on a personal level for camping, RV-ing, emergency situations, cabin retreats, survival kits, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The Dynamo Plus provides a lightweight portable battery pack with an integrated P3Solar 25 watt folding solar panel that is being used by the U.S. Military. The battery pack has a built in vehicle jump start capability and can power most electronic devices including; cell phones, smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, satellite communications equipment and much more.

The Dynamo AC 600 provides a lightweight portable high capacity 12V battery pack with 600 watt pure-sine wave invertor and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller available in both a hard and soft case.

The Dynamo 600 AC can be used in many situations including; Emergency Response, Field service, Un-attended Remote Sensing, Remote Welding, and Overland Exploration. These and other activities need to operate essential appliances such as refrigerators, power tools, LED lights, laptop computers, sat and smartphones, and handheld radios. The Dynamo AC 600 can help accomplish this and much more
P3Solar Announcement of the Dynamo Plus:
May 2015 – P3Solar announces a new Portable Power Pack with Immediate Availability! The Dynamo Plus provides a lightweight portable battery pack with an integrated P3Solar 25 watt folding solar panel that is being used by the U.S. Military. The battery pack has a built in vehicle jump start capability and can power most electronic devices including; cell phones, smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, satellite communications equipment and much more…

Jim Kimbrough, President of P3Solar stated,
“We are very excited about the launch of the new Dynamo Plus. We consider this a personal power generating system that is self-sustaining and is lightweight and portable for power on the go. The entire kit weighs about 4lbs and with the custom carrying case makes for a compact design that is easy to pack and carry. This system is very functional in that the battery can be charged from solar, an 110V electrical outlet, or from a vehicle, all at about the same rate. I keep this system in my car in case of an emergency jump start situation, take on trips to power my smartphone and laptop, and while hiking to charge my gear off the folding solar panel.”

Product Features:

• Power 5V, 12V-19V electronics
• Jump start automobile 400 peak amps
• 25w portable solar panel
• LED displays battery state of charge
• Safe, lightweight Lithium Battery
• Recharges in 4-5 hours from Solar
• Built in LED illumination light
• Selectable output voltages
• Dedicated USB outlet
• Easily transportable, comes in a P3Solar bag with compartments for all
accessories and room for your phone

Included Accessories:

• Wall Charger: AC/100V-240V
• Car Charger: 15V/1A
• Jumper Cables: 12V---200A auto start
• Notebook Connectors: 8 sizes supported
• Solar panel: 25w
• Solar panel Convertor: 14.5V regulated
• Carrying Bag: 2-color, 3 compartments


The Dynamo AC 600
Supports a 12V output for charging 12V devices that you would normally plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter.

Can run AC products such as; power tools, small refrigerators/freezers, TVs, computers, etc.

Recharges an 80% discharged battery from 200W solar panel in 4-5 hours under good sun conditions.

·         Supports a 12V output for charging 12V devices that you would normally
·         plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter.
·         Can run AC products such as; power tools, small refrigerators/freezers,
·         TVs, computers, etc.
·         Recharges an 80% discharged battery from 200W solar panel in 4-5
·         hours under good sun conditions

Included Accessories:

·         12V LiFePO4 battery pack
·         600W pure-sine wave inverter
·         Solar charge controller
·         Wall Charger
·         Yellow hard case or soft case




Thursday, July 2, 2015

How are you spending your July 4th Holiday? We hope you are spending it enjoying the outdoors and nature! It is a beautiful time of year to get to the beach, float a river, do a little kayaking and camping.
Whatever your plans are please don't forget to be prepared and in style with portable solar power to keep you informed, up to date, charged, and in music too.
It can light your tent, run your MP3 player, charger your tablet and make sure your phone is always ready to take that Instagram picture.
You will be the envy of the campground with all your devices charged and ready to go, your music adding to the night-time ambiance, the super cool lights around your little camp tent and an electric coffee pot making coffee at sunrise in the morning.







Happy July 4th everyone! Enjoy your adventure and visit us for your own personal portable solar charger!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting Ready for Your Summer Bucket List, Be Prepared!

Make sure you are prepared for your summer "bucket list" for hiking and photography in some of California's amazing parks and beaches!

Don't leave home without your personal portable solar charger! It will ensure you have charged batteries for your camera, GPS, hiking music, and can charge while attached to your backpack, on a blanket at the beach or while picnicking at the scenic spot of your choice!
Visit www.Californiapc.com for the right one for you! Free shipping on select solar products and fast, friendly sales to help you with all your needs and questions! 

Here we are using a fold up Solarland panel that folds right up into an aluminum case, quick and super easy set up and storage!
  Summer is just around the corner and it's time to take advantage of all that warm weather and sunshine! We at www.CaliforniaPC.com are making our "bucket lists" for the summer & fall of 2015.
There has already been an off the grid spring trip to Arizona pictured above. The weather was fabulous and we kept our trailer lit up with solar panels and our campfire songs going with charged batteries for our laptop or Mp3 device. And since we used solar powered products to run or charge our devices we were the envy of the campground since we produced no smelly generator fumes or noise! 
Charging smart phone directly from the PowerFilm fold-able solar charger.

  We combined different solar products to get the most out of our experience. We fit the product for the job so we were off the grid but completely comfortable and in touch if necessary. You can run lights, charge camera batteries,  GPS, iPod, Kindle, iPad, laptops, headlamps, lamps for trailer, outdoor lights, electric coffee pot, electric cooler and so much more.
Here we are using a PowerFilm F16-3600 to charge a Sherpa 50 to use to plug our laptop or lights into later for power. 

Here I am using a PowerFilm fold-able and a Sherpa 50 during a power outage to still use my laptop and work.
  If you noticed in the above caption I was able to use my solar charger setup during a power outage to continue to work on my laptop. It was great to be the only one on the block with power to work and have some music, and if your smart phone has a hotspot like mine, then you can activate it and still have internet access on your laptop or your android device. 

  Although we talk about portable solar power for camping, hiking, travel adventure and remote cabins or camps, it is not only for that, this is a fantastic set up to have if you live in an area that has summer storms and you often lose power. I use mine at least once a week even for just working in the yard and wanting to have music without having to plug into power that I have to pay for. 

We would love to hear from you and find out what you would use your portable solar power for, or what you are already using it for! Be creative and take advantage of the power of the sun! 
Please visit us on all our social media sites, give us a tweet, a tumble, a like, a thumbs up, a pin-it, or plus 1

Solarland soaking up the rays and the solar energy for our trailer!

Attach your P3Solar panels to your tent for all day charging of your devices!

Solar charging the iPhone with PowerFilm while riding is the best way to ensure a fully charged battery!

I am using my PowerFilm fold-able solar charger at the beach to listen to some Beach Boys!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adventuring with style.


 What is the one "go to" item you wish you could take or can't live without while camping/traveling?

Go to our Google+, Facebook, or twitter page and let us know what you can't live without on the road of adventure or what you wish you could take.

It is always fun to see what others want, need or just plain won't do without when camping, hiking, hunting RVing etc. Anything to do with the out doors we want to hear about. So drop us a line or message at our pages and lets see what is trending.

Monday, March 16, 2015

CaliforniaPC.com Says; Ready, Set, Camp!

Summer is heading right at us and it's about time to start planning some R & R from our winter inside. A little outdoors exploration is a fantastic way to get rid of the cabin fever from the past months.

Enjoy the beaches with some spring time camping and be spoiled at the same time, don't compromise your love of music, electric cooler for extra cold beverages, reading your kindle, some hip outdoor lighting for extra ambiance or making sure your phone is fully charged. Make sure you have all the right portable solar equipment for your camping adventure.

Southern California is famous for its sandy beaches, warm sunshine and ocean breezes, which, makes it a great spot to pitch a tent. There are lots of state parks and campgrounds for beach camping in Southern California.

The summer months are most popular for camping in California, and reservations should be made in advance for beachfront campsites, but Southern California’s moderate weather makes it a top spot for year-round beach camping. Pack your beach chair, snorkeling gear and few good books, and head one of these favorite Southern California beach campgrounds.

Monica Prelle Camping Expert tells us a few of the best places to head to:

At the northern point of the Santa Monica Bay, Point Mugu State Beach is one of the most scenic beach camping areas in Los Angeles County. It isn’t far from the hustle and bustle of LA, but it still feels quiet, secluded and relaxing. Point Mugu State Park is located 15 miles south of Oxnard in the Santa Monica Mountains. The park features 5 miles of shoreline and more than 70-miles of hiking trails. There are two campgrounds with more than 100 campsites available at Point Mugu. The Sycamore Canyon campground is just inland from the coast in the canyon, and Thornhill Broome is a beachfront campground where you can pitch your tent in the sand. The wide sandy beach is perfect for beach combing, and relaxing. The campground has bathrooms with pay showers.Point Mugu SP Campground reservations can be made online through Reserve America.

Just south of Point Mugu and 28 miles north of Santa Monica is Leo Carrillo State Park. The campground is close to Malibu and nestled in a canyon on the east side of Pacific Coast Highway. There are a few hiking trails that depart form the campground and it’s just a few minutes walk to the beach along a path that heads through a tunnel and under the freeway. The campground has 130 campsites that can accommodate trailers up to 31-feet. There is a small store, bathrooms with pay showers, and also a group camp. Large oak and sycamore trees offer nice shade; the campsites are spacious and grassy. Leo Carrillo SP Campground reservations can be made online through Reserve America.

Malibu Creek State Park is located just 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It is not a beachfront campground, but it is only 7 miles from the beach in the coastal Santa Monica Mountains on Malibu Creek. The park features hiking, fishing, bird watching and horseback riding opportunities. The campground has more than 50 campsites with bathrooms and pay showers. Malibu Creek SP Campground reservations can be made online through Reserve America...

In the heart of Los Angeles close to the Los Angeles International Airport is Dockweiler State Beach. This campground offers beachfront sites with full hookups , picnic tables and barbecues. The 22-mile Marvin Braude Bicycle Trail traverses past the camp and the park is located close to highways, which makes it accessible to LA’s most popular attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, the Getty Museum, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. Reservations for Dockweiler can be online through LA County

Friday, January 23, 2015

CaliforniaPC Camping, Solar Survival Kits and Places to Go.

Time to Start Planning for Your 2015 Outdoor Trips by CaliforniaPC.com

Posting #1, Big Sur

It is still the winter season however it is not too early to start getting your plans ready for the sunny season that will soon be here. There are many camping places around the country that are amazing to visit but I thought I would start with some here in California, our local beauty where we here at CaliforniaPC.com like to work and play. So I thought I would do a weekly posting of the top camping spots in California for the next 10 weeks from a compilation of a few good sources, articles and websites out there in the camping world and outdoor activities.

Along with camping information each week I am posting a list for the Red Cross recommended first aid kit and a DIY lightweight survival kit we recommend everyone has for all outdoor activities as well as one for the house for emergencies.

I have put together the following article on Big Sur as the first place to check out for camping and exploring this coming year, plan your trip well and make sure to take all the right equipment.
A road trip along the Pacific Coast highway through California’s Central Coast is an unparalleled camping experience. From the sandy beaches in Santa Barbara to the rugged coastline in Big Sur, there are many scenic spots to pitch a tent. Big Sur is a favorite location in the Central Coast for its stunning views, quiet beaches and hiking in the Los Padres National Forest. There are a variety of state park campgrounds and private RV parks for campers.

As written by By Monica Prelle Camping Expert, Big Sur is a stunning region in the Central Coast located south of Carmel and north of Cambria. The Los Padres National Forest spans a large portion of the area and there are nine state parks. Big Sur's natural beauty truly is spectacular and makes it an extremely popular camping destination.

The Plaskett Creek Campground is nestled in a Monterrey pine forest and is situated just east of Highway 1. The Los Padres National Forest campground is in an ideal location and only a short walk away from the nearby Sand Dollar Beach and Jade Cove, top beach destinations in the Central Coast. The campsites at Plaskett Creek are spacious and many sites have ocean vista views. The campground accepts reservations for most sites, but also offers first-come first served campsites. Site 21 has the best ocean view and the closest beach access. Sites 35 and 23 are most private and shaded. The campground is favored by local surfers and is very popular on weekends year-round.
The best ocean view camping in Big Sur is located at the Kirk Creek Campground. Also located in the Los Padres National Forest, the campground is situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean and rugged coastline. Sites 9 and 10 are most popular for their unobstructed oceanfront location, but all campsites have ocean views and are in close proximity to hiking trails. Directly across the highway from the campground is the Vicente Flats Trailhead, which leads into the Ventana Wilderness.
Further north in the Big Sur region are state park campgrounds and a few private campgrounds located on the Big Sur River and in the Santa Lucia Mountains. There are just 24 campsites at Limekiln State Park, which is nestled in the Limekiln River canyon on the eastside of the Pacific Coast Highway.
Julia Pfeiffer Burns and Andrew Molera State Parks both have walk-in and environmental campsites, but no car camping or dogs are allowed at either of these parks. Andrew Molera walk-in campsites are first-come, first-served.

The largest of the Big Sur area campgrounds is at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park; 158 riverfront campsites are situated on the Big Sur River and surrounded by redwood, chaparral and oak trees. There are 8-miles of hiking trails within the park and 200-miles in the bordering Ventana Wilderness.
Big Sur Campground Online Reservations: Plaskett Creek Campground | Kirk Creek Campground | Limekiln State Park | Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP Environmental Campsites | Pfeiffer Big Sur SP


 First Aid Kit

Whether you buy a first aid kit or put one together, make sure it has all the items you may need:

  • Include any personal items such as medications and emergency phone numbers or other items your health-care provider may suggest.
  • Check the kit regularly.
  • Make sure the flashlight batteries work.
  • Check expiration dates and replace any used or out-of-date contents.
The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following:

·         2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches)
·         25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)
·         1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch)
·         5 antibiotic ointment packets (approximately 1 gram)
·         5 antiseptic wipe packets
·         2 packets of aspirin (81 mg each)
·         1 blanket (space blanket)
·         1 breathing barrier (with one-way valve)
·         1 instant cold compress
·         2 pair of nonlatex gloves (size: large)
·         2 hydrocortisone ointment packets (approximately 1 gram each)
·         Scissors
·         1 roller bandage (3 inches wide)
·         1 roller bandage (4 inches wide)
·         5 sterile gauze pads (3 x 3 inches)
·         5 sterile gauze pads (4 x 4 inches)
·         Oral thermometer (non-mercury/nonglass)
·         2 triangular bandages
·         Tweezers
·         First aid instruction booklet

Survival Kit for All Purposes

We recommend adding a portable solar charger to the below survival kit, it will provide the ability to charge and run a smart phone, laptop, tablet, mini fridge, electric cooler, GPS, camera batteries, anything that you can charge. It will give you the comfort of lighting, of communication, and security when needed most. There are many sizes and kits available for exactly what your needs require. We offer a wide range of different styles and brands for you to mix and match or trust us to put together a kit tailored for you. 



The Do-it-yourself Coffee Can Survival Kit

This is a compact kit that can be carried in the car, on the boat, or in a pack for hunting, hiking, exploring, etc.  Most of the contents will fit in a one-pound coffee can which doubles as a pot for melting snow and device with which to dig an emergency snow shelter. (However, if you can carry it, include a small shovel.  It is far, far better than trying to use a coffee can.)  You should be aware that if this kit is carried while on hiking or hunting trips, you still need to carry the other Ten Essentials not included below.
Keep three points in mind when putting together a survival kit.  First, make it small enough that you'll actually carry it and not leave it home.  Second, use the list as a guide and customize it to your needs.  For instance, if you are allergic to insect bites, bring the appropriate medicine, or carry appropriate wrap if you have knee problems.
Thirdly, bring enough to enable you to spend at least one night out.  It is usually the first 6 hours that determine whether you'll be able to survive an emergency.  If you can make it through the first night, then your chances are good that you can make it a few more nights if necessary.
Thanks to Allan Priddy who helps teach the Wilderness Survival class for putting this list together.
General Items
Braided nylon rope (25 feet)
Matches (2 boxes)
Fire Starter
Poncho (bright orange to attract attention)
Toilet paper
Candle (wrapped in aluminum foil)
Paper and pencil
Fishing line, hooks, split shot leads
Money (2 nickels, 2 dimes, 2 quarters, $20 bill:  helpful for making phone call or paying for gas if broken down along highway)
Garbage Bags (2 large size bags)
Bright orange surveyor's tape 

Repair Kit
Sewing kit
Dental floss (It's strong and useful as thread for sewing, or a fishing line or for lashing branches for improvised shelters.)
Safety pins
Wire (bailing wire)
First Aid Kit
Sterile pads (2 x 2 and 4 x 4)
Sterile Gauze
First Aid Tape
Honey Packages (available in small foil packages available at convenience stores)
Instant Soup or tea (a couple packages)
Folding saw
Compass (learn how to use)
Hard Candy
Carrying container
Coffee Can (1 lb size) or nylon stuff bag
All contents except the plastic bags and the optional items will fit in a 1 lb coffee can.  (Or you can flat "Spam" cans or oval-shaped containers available at outdoor stores.)  The plastic bags can be affixed to the outside of the can with a rubber band.  To keep things from rattling in the can, wad up some wax paper and stuff it around the items.  The wax paper stays dry and also doubles as a fire starter.  To save weight the contents can be placed in a stuff bag and a metal cup can be used instead of the coffee can.