Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Coming into Focus

Lets Bring Our World into Focus 

One of the products we at CaliforniaPC are proud to provide to clients is the IQinVision series of Network IP cameras, indoor or outdoor of all varieties & sizes. So here is the story today. 

Lets talk about what we aren't seeing. In today's world of fast paced business, people, cars, and transactions we miss a lot of what is happening within the daily hustle & bustle surrounding us. You probably think we are wired to see all things happening around us however, the reality is that we are far from actually seeing the true perception of what is happening right in front of our eyes. 

Our perception of the world is like a garbled text message with every other word missing.  We think we are smart enough get the gist or idea of the message, while our minds fill in the missing pieces. Sometimes our minds will come through and get it correct; sometimes they are marvelously wrong.

In everyday life lucky for us our brains piece together what is happening around us with the appropriate speed and filling in the blanks as it were seems to work just fine for us, even if we did intake or retain more information we wouldn't be able to process it without it "damming" up.  

Our brains are only wired to absorb and process so much information for us to see & react to which means that often times we need some technological help when it comes to seeing the bigger pictures. In the effort to keep your business, employees, products and anything else of value to you safe,  the security camera steps in and aids us in truly bringing our world into focus & gives us a perception of the world in moving & still images. 

Gone are the days of grainy black & white security cameras that really just recorded sort of blurred images and movements, video technology has made astounding leaps & bounds. 

The first exciting thing happening in the world of surveillance security is the accessibility of good quality, affordable IP Network cameras that will enable you to view a system remotely via local network or over the Internet using a web browser.  You can check on your business, home, property, garage, employees etc., via your smart phone, tablet, or laptop when you are on the move. 

These cameras give us the opportunity to see things we may otherwise not absorb or process, especially in moment of stress, confusion, or in a moment of crisis as in an accident or robbery. 

As humans we see what we see within our area of perception at the rate to which we are capable of processing the information,but not always with a correct & reliable memory, but the correct camera for the job can provide a clear account of the moment in question, as long as it is maintained and set up correctly at the needed angles to be the most accurate for the given job. 

The second exciting thing is the WDR feature (Wide Dynamic Range), a function for overcoming the challenge of an IP camera capturing clear video images in light that is too bright bright in one section of the image and too dark in another section which would otherwise create a less than suitable image. 

Frame 1, too dark. 

Frame 2, too bright. 

WDR Frame

WDR compensates to capture the entire image in lighting that shows both the inside & outside.

IQinVision recommends the following information for determining when you may need to use a WDR Camera. 

Where Should WDR-enabled Cameras Be Deployed?  There are many areas and situations,
both inside and outside, where video surveillance cameras with WDR should
be installed. These include:

• Areas with rapid changes in illumination,
such as entrance and exit points.
• Instances where the person or
object is positioned against strong
back-lighting. A good example of this
is a store or office that has a lot of

• Where the camera looks from a well-lit
area into a darker area. For example,
when a normal camera is outside in
bright daylight, it can’t see what is
happening inside a building’s windows
due to the lighting variance. WDR can
address this problem.

• Inside parking garages, tunnels, train
stations and other transportation centers
where people and vehicles enter
and exit. These locations generally
have bright daylight outside and low
levels of light inside.

• Scenarios such as toll stops and gas
stations where vehicles with bright
headlights are driving directly toward
the camera.

• Environments with intense light
reflection, such as office buildings,
shopping malls, locations with water
features or areas that are prone to
water puddles.

So for today I leave you with the thought of bringing your world into focus a little bit better with the help of some great IP Network camera options, they can help you see more places at once & keep an eye on an ever changing world that seems to move at an increased rate daily, stretching the limit of our mind's ability to absorb & perceive accurate information. All items can be found at

Monday, November 25, 2013

How to be the Hip Green Traveler!

A Portable Solar Charger is a must have for today's traveler!

In today's electronic world, what do we pack for our electronics that never seem to be far from our reach? What would one thing be on our packing list for heading out to the great outdoors with portable devices?  We all know we need appropriate clothing, food & hydration options and the knowledge of where we are heading, but for our electronics?

Things have changed from 20 years ago. In the days of my child hood that meant a boda bag full of water, a cheese sandwich, a candy bar, a camera with real film, and a map. Today's list includes things such as a GPS, an MP3 player of some sort for tunes, a smart phone or smart camera for pictures and social sharing, a tablet for reading, etc, etc.

So as our technology replaces many of the good old standbys that would have graced my backpack I now have to take into consideration how to keep them functional and charged amid the trees and rocks if I need them.

I want to enjoy nature's beauty and sounds without my phone, music or a tablet however, I will still carry my smart phone for the emergencies or GPS if I need. I still want to know I have the ability to get some juice in whatever device if I need it.

Often time when my husband and I have gone on camping trips, we go very very remote nothing around for miles, cook off the camp fire or small stove and read and play a lot of cards around the dinner, however there were times we wanted to listen to our iPods while motorcycling, or watch a movie on a laptop at night for a treat, and the only way to charge them was to plug them into an adaptor in the cigarette lighter in our truck, and who wants to run their vehicle to charge a device? It's not the best option and so often times we just didn't do it.

Which is where portable solar chargers come in handy.  They roll up, and run off of the sun so I can power anything on a sunny or partly cloudy day if needed.
They are perfect for dual sport motorcycling, hiking, camping, backpacking, motor touring, boating, fishing, a day at the beach & day trips, really whatever activity you are doing!

Your device can charge while you are reading, boating, hiking, napping whenever you aren't going to use it just plug it into the solar charger and let it go.

Technology has enabled us to be able to now carry solar chargers in our backpacks, tail bag, saddle bags, boats, and our cars. It's not just that they are convenient, but they are green, they are using the readily available sun to keep us in touch. They are silent, portable, ready available and durable.

They are ideal for many uses, from charging a MP3 player or phone to larger ones for camp trailers, boats and much more.

So the next time you are planning on a trip whether summer or winter make sure you put a portable solar charger on your must have list. It's just the right choice.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Gas powered Generators: To Be or Not To Be?

Sun Power vs. Gas Power

It is a beautiful day to learn something new, did you know that although gasoline generators are great for backup power for homes in winter, storms, power outages due to disasters, gas generators are not suitable for camping.

They can be cumbersome, heavy, loud and disrupting to nearby campers, discharging emissions that no one wants or needs to breath and an eyesore in what would be an otherwise serene and beautiful camping spot.

Portable solar charges are an option that seems to have been unthought-of in the past, but they are the up and coming new kids on the block these days.  Solar chargers need no fuel they take from the sun, they are portable, lightweight, efficient, no emissions, and completely silent. 
Portable solar chargers can charge your devices from your MP3 player & phone all the way up to a boat and golf cart depending on the wattage you decide fits your needs.
California Peripherals & Components is passionate about portable solar products, and their education, news and information that is changing daily with exciting improvements and developments to make the products affordable and user friendly.
I found some user friendly information to share with you all, so here is a little bit of the setbacks of gas powered generators:
Fuel Efficiency
Portable gas generators are not the most fuel efficient type of generator, with a higher fuel consumption than even diesel generators, and a smaller tank, which doesn't last as long on a single fill, necessitating more frequent, and possibly inconvenient with constant refueling. Add in the unpredictable and generally upward trending cost of gasoline, and the true running cost of a gas generator becomes difficult to estimate, though likely higher than originally anticipated.

Gas generators produce heavy carbon emissions, aka greenhouse gases, meaning they're not particularly environmentally friendly. For that same reason, a portable gas generator is unsafe to run indoors, as the colorless, odorless carbon monoxide it produces is poisonous and could be deadly. Gas is also highly flammable and could cause a fire at the slightest spark, such as from a gas spark plug ignition, if not properly stored or if the generator leaks.

 Noise is a big factor with portable gas generators. In many of the same situations where portability is an issue, so is quiet, such as when camping. A gas generator is powered by an engine, and if you've ever heard a lawnmower, for example, then you have an idea of the kind of noise a gas engine makes.
Power Capacity
A portable gas generator runs best at about a quarter-load to a half-load, meaning when it's used to power approximately one-fourth to one-half of its total capacity. The closer you get to pulling the generator's total load capacity, the poorer it will function. In situations where you may need to power an entire home or RV, you may find your portable gas generator unable to meet those demands.

Portable gas generators, while durable, are not known to be sturdy, tending to get damaged more easily and require more frequent maintenance and repairs than their diesel, propane and natural gas counterparts. Their engines wear down faster. If they sit unused, their carburetors and fuel filters could present problems when you finally do run the unit, which could be the most inconvenient of times for such problems to arise. And their portability, otherwise considered one of their greatest assets, only exacerbates the potential for damage.