Thursday, June 5, 2014

June is Great Outdoors Month!

 There is so much to say about the great outdoors! It surrounds us on all sides of our lives, whether in a city, town, village, seaside community, farming community, mountain hideaway or the middle of the desert.
  We can get outside anywhere and enjoy the sun, rain, snow whatever the weather but agreeably the sunny weather seems to be the most popular and often the most fun!
  I often take for granted being spoiled by the weather in sunny Southern California and find that I don't always take the time to just go out and do something active and enjoyable. Well this is the month to get out and be active!
  The possibilities are endless wherever you live, hiking, fishing, playgrounds, parks, city streets, historic parts of your city or town, amusement parks, beaches, rivers, swimming pools, surfing, bike riding, tennis, playing catch, a blanket on the beach, I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea!
  For those of you that have children,  young or teenagers, or for those of you adults that just can't seem to "unhook" from social media, music, a Kindle or any similar device as myself, convincing yourself or the kids to get outside may sometimes be difficult.
  For those that fall into that category I have the perfect solution! Portable Solar Chargers! 
They are simple, lightweight, and portable as well as economic and Eco friendly... today is World Environment Day by the way.
  I take my Solar Charger to the beach with me to listen to my iPod. I also put it in my bike basket to keep my iPod or iPhone charged while riding to my destination.

There are so many possibles and most people just assume that solar power are large panels on the roofs of houses and commercial buildings, which is true but check out how you can also use it for everyday ordinary tasks or outdoor adventures:
Charging while traveling. 

Create a cool outdoor charging station at parks, backyard etc. 

Charge phones, camera batteries, an electric coffee maker, etc. while camping. 

Charge your phone over morning coffee while camping. 

Provide light in your tent while camping. 

Keep your electric golf cart charged all day. 

Keep your GPS, phone or other device charged while hiking. 

Stay charged while riding. 

Keep your phone charged on the go. 

Stay charged up for all your devices if on a camping/ kayaking trip that you are going on to keep powered up. 

Charge your extra camera batteries for those that are avid picture takers or photographers. 

Add to battery powered planes to keep the battery charged for longer air time when flying. 

Attache it to your bag at a picnic for some extra tunes or reading a kindle or a laptop!

Charge your device while exploring a new city or country!